We are happy to announce the approved Grant applications for Spring 2019. In total, we had 12 applications and we are extremely proud and excited that 8 of those were from students. All applications were approved at a total amount of 1,217,028 yen
Here is the list of the projects approved. For more details about each project (approved amount, details about exactly what has been funded in each project) please see the document attached at the bottom of the list of projects:

  1. The Koinobori Project - student/parent-led initiative - a G2 student invited all primary school students, teachers and staff to make their own koinobori and hang an affirmation from it. This provided an amazing opportunity for our community to learn, embrace and celebrate an important Japanese tradition. You’ve probably seen the beautiful koinoboris hanging in the library. ¥ 35.000

  2. Healthy Posture / Healthy Figure - student-led initiative - this is a G8 Community project aiming to inform and raise awareness amongst all the grade 8s about the importance of good posture. A licensed physiotherapist came to school and held a workshop for the 8th graders. Applied for ¥ 22.000, used nothing in the end by donation.

  3. Qama calculators - teacher led initiative - Qama calculators are a type of calculators that expect the student to input a reasonable estimate of the solution before giving the correct answer. There is good research which suggests the implementation of calculator-use for students whose number sense is weaker, can help allow them to access the higher level concepts they would otherwise have more trouble achieving, helping to further improve classroom differentiation of learning. ¥ 75.000

  4. Paint for dividing walls in G2 - teacher-led initiative - in order to create more display space in the G2 classrooms, the teachers want to paint the dividing walls with white board paint and interior wall paint. Amount to be finalised after Fiona has double checked the price of paint. A maximum of 132.000 yen is approved but we find this amount unreasonable high

  5. Basketball hoops -teacher-led initiative - with a growing basketball team at TIS and no real (full size) hoops to practice on, we have approved funds to buy two movable basketball hoops and safety covering mats. Furthermore, as TIS has become a KANTO member, we are now participating and organizing games and tournaments where the equipment is expected to be at a professional standard. ¥ 781.516

  6. Office electric bicycle - TIS staff-led initiative - Electric bicycle for the administration staff at TIS. Office staff often goes outside for errands, appointments and meetings to support school operations. An electric bike will both be timesaving and make it possible for the staff to source items farther away from school. ¥ 80.000

  7. Twisted lemon - student-led initiative - this is a G8 community project where the group has created a website that will help students with their academic situation. The website includes helpful tools, such as reminders for tasks needed to be completed and a calendar for school events. Link to the website here: https://twisted-lemon.com/. ¥ 3.000

  8. Zero Waste Japan/Eco workshop - student-led initiative - a G5 exhibition group was researching about plastic waste. They made links with a Japanese clothes designer, Kumiko Tani, whose work uses recycled items. Kumiko came into G5 and held a much appreciated workshop with them about recycling/zero waste. ¥ 20.500

  9. Pride flag wall - student-led initiative - a G8 Community project aiming to raise awareness about LGBTQ within our TIS community. This was done by presentations to all MS students about the topic. As a verification of TIS being an open-minded school where everyone are allowed to be themselves, a big pride flag will be painted on one of the walls in the USB hallway.  ¥21.399

    TIS MAKES A DIFFERENCE PROJECTS, (every year we earmark 200,000 yen of the Grant funds for projects who meet specific charity requirements, these projects are labelled as TIS Makes a Difference): 

  10. Helping EIS in Cambodia - student-led initiative - one of our G7 student took initiative to support a rural school in Cambodia by bringing them books, games and maps to help them improve their English skills and learn more about the world. The student went to the school and showed them how to use the items. ¥ 15.813

  11. Donations for Kyofukai Japan Christian Women's Organization - as a G8 community project, this group are supporting a women's shelter. Collections have been done at school for food items, daily need items and clothes. Additional items to be purchased and donated. ¥ 25.000

  12. Kiva Oreo Project - student led initiative - a group of G7 students are selling Oreo cookies at school to raise money for the Kiva Project, which is a worldwide program aiming to help less fortunate people to start up businesses and other projects in order for them to make a living. ¥ 5800

TIS Grants are open for application!

Dear member of the TIS community,

It’s time to apply for the Grant again and to spark your ideas, here are some examples of what were approved last year:

  • Cello storage racks

  • Dry Erase Music Staff Lapboards

  • Gymnastic beam

  • Kindles for Kids

  • MYP Transition Speakers

  • MYP Libraryshelves

  • Whiteboardpaint for G5 classrooms

  • Scoreboard for the gym

So if you have identified a need of some “nice-to haves” that would stimulate our kids and staff at TIS, don’t hesitate to send in your application. 

There are, of course, some guidelines to be met such as:

  • The grant request should not be fundamental to the education offered at TIS (such needs are covered by tuition fees). We are looking for “nice-to-haves” that would enrich our learning environment.

  • There should be an identifiable, not necessarily academic, benefit to the students

  • The item or project should have school or staff ownership

  • Ideally the item/project should benefit a large number of student, we will however take applications aimed at a narrower group into consideration too

  • If the request relates to a long-term project spanning over more than one year, the request must be divided into smaller, identifiable parts. We can only approve funds for one year at a time.

More detailed information could be found in the application form here:

Spring Grant Application Form

The deadline for applications is April 5th, 2019. After the deadline, all requests will be reviewed by the PSA Grant Committee together with the school’s leadership team. We are targeting to make announcements in the beginning of May 2019. 

Please direct any queries to psa_grants@tokyois.com

We look forward to receiving your application!

The PSA Board


What are TIS Grants?

The TIS Grants are funds specifically allocated for the purchase or procurement of “extras”, not fundamental to the education offered at TIS, but the “nice-to-haves” that enrich the school environment for as many members of the TIS community as possible.

grants are used for the ‘nice-to-haves’

Who can apply for a grant?

Anyone in the TIS community (students, teachers, staff, parents) can apply for a Grant.

If you can dream it, we want to hear it.

How are they awarded?

The Grants Committee, chaired by our PSA Vice President, with the final approval of the PSA Board make the final decisions on which grants are approved.

When & how can I apply?

When the application period opens, you will find an application through a link on this website. Keep an eye on the TIS Times if you have a great idea for a fund! We would love to hear from you.

How much grant money has been awarded?

Where does the Grant money come from?

The funds are raised through PSA fundraisers such as “Pizza Friday” and events such as the Cherry Blossom Fair.